The Listing Agent

Only approximately 2% of all listings nationwide are sold by the listing agent. When you list your house with us, we will try our best to sell it ourselves, but more importantly, we will just get it sold as quickly as possible.

Colleagues in my firm (20+ Super Agents), Realtors, and other real estate agents who are affiliated with a cooperating broker may sell our listings. This is why we work hard to maintain a reputation for being very professional and easy to work with. We make the homes we list as easy as possible for other realtors to preview or show to buyers. When you select a realtor to market your property, you are hiring them not only for their list of prospective buyers, but for their ability to tap the lists of other people in the business. We constantly lobby my competition, asking if they have seen our listings, getting feedback and urging them to add our listings to the short lists that they show when they have a prospective buyer.

No one knows the North Georgia real estate market like we do! Contact us through our web site, call us at 706-310-0070, or email us anytime if we can help you.

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